Amid U.S. Capitol building attack, Patricia Heaton offers hope to Christians


In a time the United States is going through some challenges, ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ star and professing Catholic, Patricia Heaton, has delivered a message to Christians through her Twitter page. According to Heaton, Christians should be reminded that this earth is not "our home".

Faithwire captured the moments Heaton was having a question and response segment regarding her tweet.

"If you're a commonsense person, you probably don't feel you have a home in this world right now. If you're a Christian, you know you were never meant to," Heaton tweeted last Friday.

A follower of Heaton who admitted that he is also a believer stated that he understood her opinion. However, her tweet feels "escapist to me". He further asked, "Are we not to be about the Father's business in the world rather than feeling displaced?"

Heaton replied, "We are meant to serve Christ while we are here."

In another comment, a follower of Heaton counted her claim while he stated that the world is our home. He said:

"Nooooooooo! The world is our home. It is a wonderful creation that God said is GOOD. We are created beings and will be resurrected as created beings like Jesus," the user wrote. "It might not be your home, but it sure is mine and I love it and will do all I can to care for it. Blessings xxx."

In response, Heaton argued that the world is only temporary while being good stewards on earth.

"Respectfully, this world is only temporary. I love many things here too, and yes, we are called to love our neighbor and be good stewards. But this aint it," she stated.

However, another Christian commenter admitted to the actress that she can relate with her opinion.

"Exactly how I feel. Both sides are yelling, wake up, while there are blind spots on both sides," user Bobbi Greene wrote. Im a moderate conservative [and] get called names [because] of that. That's OK. I'm a believer in Christ first [and] follow Him. This world is not my home, so I'll love Him [and] others till I get there."

Exactly, Heaton wrote back in response.

Heaton's explanation served as a sober reminder to Christians in relation to the incident at the U.S. Capitol Building last week.

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