Wycliffe Associates supports 777 church-run Bible translations amidst persecution

Wycliffe Associates is an organization poised to support churches around the world with the translation of the Bible into the languages of their own congregations. They provide training, tools, and support to 777 church-owned Bibles translations. However, they have been facing persecution for a while now.

It is becoming a trend for Christians to face persecution in various countries around the world. Christians face severe persecution for their faith and it is not always from the government. Fellow citizens have formed the habit of being oppressors too. 

The Vice President of Translation Services for Wycliffe Associates, Tabitha Price, says, "It's the villages and the neighborhoods that will persecute believers. We have areas all over the world where the persecution comes from a next-door neighbor, or from a militant group that is trying to wrest power from the current government. There are different forms of persecution that happen throughout the world."

Bible translators supported by Wycliffe Associates have not been spared from being oppressed. Price continued, "In one situation in Southeast Asia, the translators had been persecuted severely by their Buddhist neighbors the whole time they were working on the translation."

However, it will not stop the Bible translators from doing what they have been called to do. More so, they will return the maltreatment they receive with love.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, these translators could not go to work due to the pandemic. When they desperately needed it, Wycliffe Associates was able to send food to them. The translators did not keep this food to themselves. Price affirmed that the food was shared to the oppressors too. In his words:

"They lined up the village and they passed out bags of rice to everyone in the village. And the ones who have been persecuting them said, 'Wait a minute, what is going on? Why are you giving us food? What youre doing must be a good thing because nobody treats their persecutor like this unless its a good thing. So we're not going to persecute you anymore.’”

Consequently, the translators were permitted to carry on their work, and their neighbors didnt try to stop them anymore. Likewise, the persecution ceased. In conclusion, Price prayed that God will bless the projects despite the persecution. Also, many would see the love of Christians and be drawn to Christ.

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