US Evangelist set to spread the gospel in Russian and Spanish speakers this Christmas

US evangelist, Nick Hall, is set for a new international Christmas Eve live stream. This live stream is expected to spread the gospel to reach millions of Russian and Spanish speakers. For the past decade, Hall has been hosting live Christmas events in the United States through his millennial-focused evangelism group PULSE. 

However, the COVID-19 pandemic compelled him to change his plans. He used the budget for the live Christmas events for two free international broadcasts in Russian and Spanish instead. 

In an interview with The Christian Post, Hall said, "We hope for 5 million or more people who will watch the broadcast. In the midst of a crazy 2020, we really just felt like this was such a great opportunity to tell the story of Christmas in the right way."

Hall also stated that both live streams will include Christmas music and a segment where he would share the Gospel in English with translation. Also, the Russian live stream will feature music act Roman Kasevich and Pastor Artur Simonyan. However, the Spanish live stream, titled Navidad en Casa, will feature Latin music star Ricardo Montaner and Guatemalan mega church pastor Cash Luna.

In his previous events, Hall affirmed that he has gotten positive and negative feedbacks. One of such events was when he shared the gospel alongside Pastor Cash Luna, Evangelist Franklin Graham, and hip hop artist Lecrae.

About his experience with Luna, Hall said: "I have experienced him to be a kind and sincere man. He's also honest about the struggles and accusations. I dont know a lot about what has happened. I will share the Gospel anywhere that I can."

Grammy Award winning artist, Montaner, was also a participant in Halls event. He decided to participate in the event after hearing about it from mutual friends. With about 65 million records sold so far across the world, Montaner is also the recipient of the Grammy Award for Best Latin Album in 2013 and 2019.

Hall also has something to say about Montaner. He said: "He has been called the Billy Joel of Latin America. Hes a person of faith. Hes a Jesus person. He loves Jesus, believes in Jesus. He has been connected to a church for the majority of his life or career. He's an incredibly gracious man and kindhearted."

Furthermore, Hall stated that Christians should find ways to connect and understand local content. He made this statement while evangelizing to people from around the world. In order to understand local content, Hall stated that Christians should be all things to all people and often be willing to enter uncomfortable situations. In his words:

"You have to do your best to be a student of people. One thing I learned from Billy Graham is he would look at local newspapers before he would speak. He said, 'An evangelist should have a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other."'

In addition, Hall encouraged everyone to watch the live stream on December 24 because it will be an opportunity to learn about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas.

"Christmas is about family and Christmas is about hope and Christmas is about Jesus. Hopefully this program will bring some light into peoples living rooms,” he concluded.

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