Matthew West performs "The Hope of Christmas" Concert Live

Grammy awards nominated artist, Matthew West, has released The Hope of Christmas, a new holiday single. He also taped a unique acoustic performance of the song for the 98th National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The National Parks Service and National Park Foundation did not host a physical event this year because of COVID-19 and its related health risks. Hence, a virtual ceremony was held and is available on-demand for interested persons throughout the festive period online.

The 98th National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is a festive compilation of Christmas lights and music, national parks, and holiday cheer. More so, it is aimed at bringing joy into homes across the country.

Other performers who joined West include award-winning gospel artist Lynda Randle and her brother, Michael Tait, lead vocalist of the Newsboys; the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus; the U.S. Navys official chorus, The Sea Chanters Passion featuring Melodie Malone; the National Park Service Arrowhead Jazz Band; and The Presidents Own United States Marine Band.

Also, American Idol finalist Colton Dixon; country singer/songwriter Jerrod Niemann; country artist Jillian Cardarelli; singer/songwriter Jillian Edwards; country music singer/songwriter and actress Kellie Pickler; country artist and American Idol winner Laine Hardy; country band Leaving Austin joined Matthew in performing. 

The event partnered with Medi-Share and POPWE and it is a one-time only event. West and his family are expected to perform Hope of Christmas as a way to complete the festive season of a live streaming event. The event is set to be available time on December 18th (6 PM CST; 9 PM CST) and 19th (6 PM CST; 9 PM CST). Tickets are presently made available.

West also had this to say concerning his holiday live streaming event:

"This year, Christmas is obviously going to be a little different, so Im throwing an at-home festival to spread some holiday cheer and to remind us all that Jesus is our hope in this and every season."

"Join me, my band and the whole West family for a virtual Christmas festival, including wonderful music, fun holiday skits and a few surprises along the way. Theres SNOW show like it! Pick the date and time that works best for you."

His new single, The Hope of Christmas, have been played continuously by radio stations. It has also received several adds. The radio stations focus on spreading hope to listeners while promoting this special live event. It is also an avenue for the station to connect with radio friends.

West continues:
"I want to close out this year by focusing on an important word: hope, . Many times in 2020 Ive looked at the world around me and hope has been hard to find.

"But at the heart of this season is a reminder that while hope may not be seen, hope can still be found. I pray the song, The Hope of Christmas, as well as these special performance opportunities will bring that message of hope to our hurting world this December."

Furthermore, West launched his podcast The Matthew Podcast. This is part of his measures in sharing new music throughout this pandemic. Likewise, it is a means to encourage his fan base with his weekly Quarantine Quiet Time. In his podcast, he features new interviews each week. The queen of Christmas, actress Candace Cameron Bure was the first feature in December.

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