John Cooper sells out first book print; second print set to be released

The debut book of Grammy-nominated artist, John Cooper, Awake and Alive (Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World) has been officially sold out on its first print on the day it was released. The self-published book is centered on rebellion against relativism in bold fashion. The second print has also been planned to be released.

It will be recalled that in late August, riots broke out in Coopers hometown of Kenosha. This was preceded by the Jacob Blake shooting. After that incident, Cooper showed up on FOX & Friends on December 12 to talk about his book. This session followed a series of interviews in the following media houses: Huckabee on TBN and Newsmax, The Brian Kilmeade Show on FOX News Radio, Huckabee on TBN and Newsmax, and Eric Metaxas radio. 

Among the top podcasts Cooper has had some great conversations with include The Billy Graham Associations GPS podcast, Keep The Faiths Contagious Influencers of America Podcast, PreachersNSneakers, Allie Beth Stuckeys Relatable, Provoke & Inspire, Graham Allens Dear America, Edifi with Billy Hallowell, Life Today Live, New Release Today and more.

In addition, there are more planned interviews on Washington Watch, The Todd Starnes Show, TBN, CBN News Studio 5, The Todd Starnes Show, Airing the Addisons on American Family Radio, and more. 
Following the chain reaction to a popular post he titled "What In Gods Name is Happening in Christianity?" which dealt with faith leaders and influencers falling from their faith, Cooper launched his podcast. 

The Cooper Stuff Podcast was launched in the fall of 2019. Consequently, he has continued to throw his opinion on public issues. His opinions have led to an increase in his followers. 

Cooper spoke about the state of Christianity in America with his guest, John Rich. They also talked about other issues on his podcast. Cooper joined Compassion International for their 12 Days of Christmas live stream series on December 11. On that show, he shared personal stories and his audience on a tour of his Marvel/DC life-size memorabilia collection, a tutorial on furniture building and live question and answer section. Cooper has also been involved in many charity works.

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