Sinach shares touching story that led to the birth of "Way Maker"

Nigerian gospel music sensation Sinach has shared a word of encouragement to upcoming music ministers. In her words: "You can never outdo God when you decide to believe Him for who He said He is and what He said He will do, that He will do.

Sinach stated that she walked with the plans of God for her life. Despite being a young girl from Africa, she has conquered her environment with the help of God. The gospel music act has been writing songs for a long time with catalogues of songs as proof. However, God had a bigger plan for her. With the many songs she has composed so far. God still had his plans for her.

God has proved himself faithful in the life of the renowned gospel artist and she is now in a new phase of her life. She also talked about individuals who are scared to leave their comfort zones. It is not really easy to leave your comfort zones. However, it is necessary if you desire to get to your expected destination in life.

In order for Sinach to fulfill her purpose, God required her to leave her comfort zone. She said: "God told me that, when He called Abram, He wasn't Abraham yet. He told him to leave his people and his comfort zone. And He took him out to a place where He will show him. He didn't even explain everything. And He said to him 'I will make you famous, I am going to make your name known, I am going to make you great' and yes all those promises. It was just a promise.'

However, the bible made us to understand that Abraham believed God, and He left His comfort zone. He didn't even know where he was going but he started to journey. Sinach continued:

"And that is when the Lord came in and said 'Osi, I am your way maker, and that promise keeper. I keep my promises. If I said I am going to do it, I am going to do it.' Then, it was a personal revelation. This is how one of my songs "way maker" came about.

"And He said my word will bring light to every dark situation and of course He works miracles, He works miracles!! But the greater truth is that we are miracle workers but He works miracles and He is the Chief Miracle Himself.

"That's how the song Way Maker came, and yes it was such a drama. We put it on YouTube and boom!! it just went. Everybody started singing it, people translating it in different languages.

"You can never outdo God when you decide to believe Him for who He said He is and what He said He will do, that He will do. I have seen myself from being a young little girl from Africa to being able to overcome my environment, believing in the pictures that God showed me.

"That is, what He was going to do, He was going to do it with me. My story is that I am doing what I am doing from Africa and touching the whole world which has never been done before and is rare to see because I believed Him and believed His word.

"People do not listen to those not influential and that is why the Light of God is upon us as Christians. And we have a voice and when people look at us they'd say I wanna know your God. So keep believing. God never fails!"

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