Gospel film acts Yemi and Feyi Adepoju celebrate 28th wedding anniversary

The Nigerian gospel film industry has produced many stars over the years. Reverend Yemi and Professor Feyi Adepoju are one of the many talented acts the industry has produced so far. Today, the power couple is marking their 28th wedding anniversary -November 21, 2020.
Yemi Adepoju, in celebration of this day, took to social media to appreciate God for His faithfulness. He also stated that he is grateful to God for guiding him and his wife all through the 28 years of being together. He also shared pictures to celebrate this day. Likewise, he asked his fans to pray for him and his wife for more Grace to continuously be a winning team for Christ.
He wrote:
"Our #TEAMMARRIAGE is 28years today:
“If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, Psalm 124:1. We covet your prayers for more GRACE and to continuously be a winning team for Christ."

Evangelist Joseph Yemi Adepoju is the deputy director of Mount Zion film institute. Also, he is one of the pioneer members of Mount Zion Films company. Below is one of the interviews he granted auntyfaith.com as published on Gospel Films News.

How did you meet your wife?
I met her at her Sisters place in Ilorin. My brother was living in the same building with her sister. I went there for a visit. I heard her voice speaking outside and I ask my brother, whos voice is so beautiful and my brother called her to introduce her to me.

What convinced you that she will be your wife when you met her?

We have been friends for some years and seeing many good qualities in her. But one day, we went out and I dont have money on me to pay for our taxi fare instead of her to pay directly to the taxi man, she secretly put the money in my hand to pay by myself. That action speaks volume. It tells me that she will submit everything she has to me because any lady would have given the money to the taxi driver directly.

How long does it take her to accept your proposal?

Not too long.
At what age did you marry her?

I was 27 and she, 25.

What has been your major challenge(s) for past 26 years?

Our marriage has been with less stress though not stress free. One major problem is coping with the number of work in our hands, we are both career officer with federal government, we are both Pastors, Drama ministers, she has a private clinic and I have a business I am doing. But the Lord has helped us to cope with all.

What is your advice for couples generally?

They should see marriage as an institution with no option than to stay put. With that, whenever problems come, the only option they have is to solve it and move on. Above all, husband should love his wife as Christ love the Church and the wife must return the love. Once a woman is married, she must be ready to submit to the man no matter the level of achievement. A woman should not marry a man she cant submit to.

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