Daystar Christian Centre marks 25th anniversary

Daystar Christian Centre, a church founded by Pastor Sam and Nike Adeyemi, God's servants, is 25 years today. The church was established on November 18, 1995. The aim of the church is to empower individuals to discover, develop, release and maximize our potentials in God through the word.

The church has empowered many individuals over the years. It lives true to its vision which is raising role models. Its mission is to empower you and I to discover, develop, release and maximize our potentials in God.

No matter your challenges in life and the trials you are facing, Daystar Christian Centre has a team of dedicated servants of God whose calling is to liberate lives in every aspect. There is no discrimination. Whether you are at a hopeless state, or perhaps you are living the best time of your life, the church is for every category of people. The word of God is the weapon Pastor Sam Adeyemi uses to being the lost souls to Christ. For the past 25 years, the church has been thriving.

The church is run daily with these core values -REAL

R: Righteousness
E: Excellence
A: Accountability
L: Love
Daystar Academy
The Daystar Academy is the machinery for equipping and training members to become leaders in various capacities in the church and community by helping members discover and develop their God-given talents and strengths. The Daystar Academy also communicates the vision and mission of the church.

 According to the church, man's greatest fulfillment in life comes when he discovers and walks in purpose.

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