8 reasons hope is a necessity in life, by Dr. Paul Enenche

Hope is a virtue that is necessary if we desire to go far in life. This was the center of the teaching of Dr. Paul Enenche, Head Pastor, Dunamis International Christian Center on Sunday, November 8, 2020.

He took a back up scripture from Romans 5:1-2. According to the renowned preacher, Hope is a spiritual virtue of great asset that stands in the company of faith and love in spiritual value.

Hope is a non negotiable requirement if you are going to become anything in life. Dr. Enenche made reference to Father Abraham. Abraham was a man of hope. This hope propelled him to get his desires granted. Abraham exemplified the profitability of hope; assurance, and expectation. 

Also, his matchless faith in God made God to fulfill His promises for his life. You cannot ask God for something without having hope that your desires will be met some day.

What is the Profitability of Hope?
1. Hope is the bedrock of faith. 
Pastor Enenche buttressed this point from Hebrews 11:1. In his words, "faith cannot exist where there is no hope. Hope substantiated equals faith.

Anyone who lives without faith is hopeless. You cannot claim to have hope when you lack faith. The bible also makes us to understand that it is impossible to please God without faith. Faith does not exist for those who are hopeless."

2. Hope is the magnet of help 
Psalm 121:1-2 was the Bible text for this point. Pastor Enenche said that as long as your hope is in place, your help is on the way. Hope in God attracts the help of God. If you have not lost hope, you won't lack help.

3. Hope is a tonic for health. 
Our health is very vital. If you are not in good health, your hope will be wary. Hope is a tonic for health. The scriptural backing for this point was Psalm 42:11. 
It is important that we take proper care of our health. Dr. Enenche also added that if you are not hopeful, very soon you will not be healthy. Hopeless and depressed people quickly become sick people.

4. Hope is key to life itself. (Psalm 16:8-11.)

Hope is the fuel for life. You need hope to keep you going. It exist side-by-side with perseverance. To have a reason to live is to lack the reason to be cut short before your time.

5. Hope is a secret of joy.
When you have hope, you will be happy that you are still on the path of your dreams. Hope keeps the tap of joy flowing. This point had scriptural backing from Proverbs 10:28, Romans 5:2, and Romans 15:13. If your joy is dying, it means your hope is disappearing.

6. Hope is key to rest. (Psalm 16:9)
Hopelessness equals restlessness. You need to have hope in order to have rest. It is very necessary.

7. Hope guarantees access to and answers from God. Psalm 38:15. 
Confidence in God guarantees audience with God. You don't beg God to hear you if you are confident about Him. Faith helps to connect you with God.

8. Hope is a cure for shame. (Romans 5:5) 
To possess hope is to be dispossessed of shame. You can't have hope and have shame at the same time. Hence, never allow your hope to be lost irrespective of whatever was lost. If your hope is not lost, your passion is intact. In Job 14:14, Job lost everything but he didn't lose hope. Always keep hope alive through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. 

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