When will you start going to church now that churches have re-opened?

It took a long time for me to decide whether to go physically to church today. The issue was not about my faith. No, not all. This issue was about the need to take my bath, dress up and drive to the church. I am now used to having my Sunday service in the comfort of my home. After over five months at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, I am already used to watching and praising God via my Church’s online service.

However now that the government has granted permission for the churches to re-open, I really do not see the need to physically go to Church. Imagine trying to sing and praise God with a facemask on. It should be awkward.

Now back to my story. I finally decided to go to church today and it was scanty. When I got to the door of the church, I was told to first wash my hands with soap and water, and then use the sanitizer. The gadget that dispensed the sanitizer took my temperature. My temperature was within the normal range. So, I was allowed to go into the church. Everyone had a facemask on. By the way, there were signs on the door of the church to inform you that you had to have a facemask on before you would be let into the church. The usher had spare facemasks available if you did not come with one.

The seating arrangement had changed. It had been rearranged to ensure there was space between the congregants as per social distancing.

When praise and worship started, everyone started singing with their facemasks on. I must admit it was a bit unusual and uncomfortable for me. But after some minutes, I got used to it. I didn’t have any choice. I also noticed that the choir only had about 4 people compared to the normal 25+ members singing.

The sermon was projected from somewhere else and it was the same one available online. Well I was already in church so I might as well stay and listen to it the second time.

I asked myself if I would come to church next week or watch it online next week. I wondered. What would I miss? Most of my friends stayed away, I guess, because they are still watching the service online. Do I crave for human contact? No way o? Social distancing.

I asked two of my friends that attend other churches.

Toyin said that she was still going to be watching service online at least for another one month. She had the Internet data for this and she didn’t think she was missing anything. And she could watch service at any time of the day after the premier online.

Uche said her church opened some weeks ago and week on week, the congregation was increasing. She felt the needed to see real people and feel the presence of other believers. She said she was thankful that church had re-opened because She did not like the prospect of being cooped up in her flat from Monday to Sunday.

I wonder whether other Christians have started attending church physically.

What about you? Care to share your experience?

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