CAMA, Bishop Oyedepo and the Rest of Us

In the decision of the government to monitor the activities of religious bodies, it has placed the church under the supervision of the registrar-general of the Corporate Affairs Commission after it signed the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) into law on August 7, 2020.

President Muhammadu Buhari signed the law which stated that religious bodies and non-profit organizations shall be regulated by the registrar-general of Corporate Affairs Commission and a supervisory minister.

Whenever there is any misconduct by the management of the religious body or charity organization, the registrar-general will appoint an interim board to take over.

This declaration has raised uproar among some persons in the country. From the presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, to other Christian leaders, and individuals concerned.

Bishop Oyedepo Spits Fire

The prowess of the lion is not measured in its size; it is measured in its bravery. Bishop David Oyedepo is a brave man.

When some persons are trying to be neutral; preferring to sit on the fence so as not to be given a tag, Oyedepo took a stand. A man who represents Christ cannot sit on the fence.

The words of Bishop Oyedepo have cut across various states of the federation. They were sharp and explicit as usual. He stated that the government is jealous of the prosperity of the church; hence they are looking for ways to monitor the church through the use of the board of trustees of CAMA.

More so, he stated that Nigeria is a secular state and it is not owned by anybody. Besides, we own this country together. In the words of the renowned Bishop, the church is the bride of Jesus. Likewise, you cannot touch the bride of Jesus and go scot free.

Bishop Oyedepo also stated that he will not accept any form of control in his church

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo speaks on the grievances of the clergymen

The Vice President of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo has spoken on the issue which has been a great concern for clergymen. Osinbajo stated that there are ways of addressing issues in a democracy. He also advised that the aggrieved pastors should seek a redress with the national assembly if they are not comfortable with the law.

This statement by the vice president is timely and well received. It also goes to show that for every situation to be properly handled, due process must be followed. It goes beyond talking. Actions must also be taken.

Also, it is pertinent to note that there are situations that calls for drastic actions. If we seek for a change, we must go beyond our comfort zones and take the forefront if we desire tangible results. Talk first, then take actions later.

The challenges of the country need more lasting solutions

Another school of thought feel it is only right that the government control the church; so as to regulate the accounts of the church which many persons assume are being misused by the ministers of the gospel.

We are not oblivious of the fact that many religious bodies have been accused of one wrong-doing or the other in the past. However, the need to instill discipline must be accepted by all. There must be an understanding of the purpose and ways it can be achieved.

No matter the reason the government wants to regulate the church, it must be objective in totality. More so, the government must channel more efforts into other sectors of the country especially security, health, education, and the power situation in the country.

The same way they choose to regulate the church and other bodies in the country, they should also double their efforts to combat the security challenges in the North and other areas in the nation.

The church should also help the government to establish a better society for all. The government cannot do it all alone. They need the support of everyone. This is not to berate the efforts and support of the church so far. Rather, it is a call for them to continue in their good deeds.

Nigeria can get better if there is more focus on nation building rather than selfish interests.

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  1. To be honest, I have no say on the matter even though I would just say this that the government doesn't have the right to regulate bodies that are non-governmental and profitable. Not just the church but also NGOs as well, and as regards to what Pastor Oyedepo said as regards the bride thing, that seemed like a threat.


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