New Video: Protek Illasheva – Life of God (ft Vector, K3ndrick)

Nigerian gospel rapper, Protekniks aka Protek Illsheva, has dropped the official video of his song "Life of God" featuring rappers Vector and K3ndrick. The song is from his “COUNTER CULTURE” a 35-minute album of Melody, Rhythm And Poetry.

The album features Africans hip-hop legends, such as M.I. Abaga, Rooftop Mcs and Vector Tha Viper. Other artistes include UK based Songbird, Naffymar and South African Spoken Word Artist/Rapper, Mercy Tschiamo

Lyrics of the song "Life of God"


Blessings full to my head o
And I carry power every single where that I go
My life everyday na parade o
Because I dey showoff the kind of life wey I lived
I have the life of God
Yeah, yeah, yeah


When they say there’s a casting down, I’m lifted up
Blessings dey carry me, man, I’m lifted up
No challenges can never make me give it up
It’s obvious I’m chilling with the Most High
Things are looking up
My God carry me for head like dreadlocks
Every door is open unto me, omo no locks
Favoured child, no be luck
Devil try, no go work
***** my feet stand on the solid rock
Lord, Your love na amazing grace ooo
You got so amazed
You are everything I need to win this race oo
Blessing nights and blessing days
My enemies go follow one way come, flee seven ways
Light of world when I come you see brighter days
All ’em dem dey ask me where I’m from
I say, heaven ways
So, like KICC I give them the winning ways


E get reason why na barrack boy become the viper
E get reason why dem pay me just to do a cypher
E get reason why na for Lafiaji dem for raise me
My dust is not your friend, ask who raised me
It’s poisonous, yes!
It wasn’t poisonous
I mean, having guns was also toys to us
A reckless life and someone wrecked his life
How did I survive the mentality? I guess it’s life
And somehow someway eh, I am on my way
And I admit my sins as I stand today
And no be say I no know say I no deserve this grace
Motoro aforiji, if e be like say I dey craze
But, I’m telling the truth
When I say I’m blessed you hear?
I somehow get compensated for the days I stressed hear?
And that’s me counting my blessings
Till the stage, I slept you hear?
Though I have a huge pile of debt you hear?


Lord, Your love na amazing grace ooo
You got so amazed
You are everything I need to win this race oo

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