''God is always first,'' YouTube star says after buying first car.

Fred and Tim Williams are twin brothers who are notable for reacting to songs they hear for the first time. They have always had the dream of buying a car. They got their dream fulfilled when they bought their first car recently. 

The twin brothers are famous for the First Time Hearing reaction videos. They ascribed their ability to buy a car to God. According to Fred and Tim, God is always first in everything thing that they do.

It will be recalled that the fan base of the celebrities increased when they made a video of themselves listening to In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins for the first time.

The reactions they have gotten so far came as a surprise to them as they did not imagine that they will become this big. In one of their interviews last month, they stated that one of the aims of their YouTube videos is to show that listening to different type of music is actually cool. 

This week, Tim Williams made the revelation in one of his vlog that he has bought a Dodge Challenger. The car has been an expectation for him for a long time. More so, it was a prayer point for him.

For the blessing of owning a car, Williams stated that he was grateful to God for the opportunity to have a car. It would not have been possible if not for God. He appreciated the support of his fans. However, God is the ultimate for him; He comes first in everything he does. He has been praying for a car endlessly and it is a dream-come-true for him.

In addition, the mother of the twins had something to say about her sons. Tiffany King-Richardson gave a detailed account of how she battled with drug addiction. Likewise, she was in prison for two years.

She made these revelations to The U.S Sun. Tiffany King-Richardson said that her sons were nine years old when she went to prison. They were eleven years old when she came out. However, those were her challenges of the past. The good news is that she is now a coach and mentor for addiction recovery.

King-Richardson also recalled when one of her sons, Tim, requested to drop out of college. His reason was that he wanted to produce YouTube videos. She was skeptical about his decision. Would the videos pay his bills? Will he be able to sustain himself with it? These and many other questions were running through her mind. Moreover, he could do it for fun while he pursued his education. Nevertheless, Tim was very determined with his decision.

Tim moved on to produce his YouTube videos while he also worked at a local clinic. It was a balance for him. With consistency, the twin brothers have gained a loyal following on their YouTube page. The both of them listen to song from various artists including Dolly Parton and Frank Sinatra.

Tim also made mention of the assumption that many persons expected them to listen to rap music because they were black. This was not the case as they chose to be versatile. He also stated that music is supposed to be for everyone, not for a particular race. Their YouTube videos were made to correct that notion.

The Impact of God cannot be over-emphasized 

There are many individuals who depend on their strength alone when they want to embark on a project. Also, there are people who put God first in everything they do. They do not berate the need to work hard. In fact, they put in enough effort to make things happen. They embrace hard work the way they believe in God. Their faith in God has also propelled the need to work towards a cause. No matter the level of your strength, you need God to crown all your efforts with success. 

Benefits of putting God first

Tim and Fred put God first in everything they did. They also worked hard to ensure that they had works to back up their faith. Hence, God proved Himself mightily to them by granting their heart desires of buying a car. The twin brothers got their reward for acknowledging God in everything they do. That, in itself, is everything.

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