Book Review: Climbing the Ladder of Success by Norman Vincent Peale

It is the desire of everyone to attain success. However, some persons do not thirst for it the way they should. In this 69-page book with six chapters, renowned American author Norman Vincent Peale talked about Climbing the Ladder of Success. He gave an insight on ways a Christian can achieve success.

In the first chapter of the book, the author titled it ‘Climbing the Ladder of Success’. Peale gave instances where a particular preacher assumes that being a Christian automatically means living an average life. Peale stated that achieving success goes beyond good luck. 

Many persons desire success but they do not put in all that is required of them to succeed. As Christians, we can succeed if we put in all the required efforts. Peale made us to understand that successful and happy living was built into us by God who created us.

Conquering defeat was the theme of the second chapter.  In Peale’s words, hope and dreams can be dashed by trouble. But with faith, they can come alive again. Many persons fail to thrive after they encounter defeat. Defeat is not the end of a Christian; it is an avenue for you to strive harder. Conquering defeat will open more opportunities for you. 

Chapter three advised us to image our way to confidence. Peale said, ‘’when you respect yourself as well as you respect others, everyone benefits.’’ Many persons have a poor image of themselves. They can respect others but they do not respect themselves. Peale further made an instance from the Bible from Matthew 22:39 which says, ‘’Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’’ For you to succeed as a Christian, you must throw away the inferiority complex.

In Chapter four, Peale admonished his readers to throw failure away. He said, ‘’why let your mistakes drag you down forever when you can get rid of them for good.’’ For anyone to succeed, he must throw that failure image away and trust in God to help him to attain his goals. You can do it! With a positive mindset, you can do anything!

In Chapter five, Peale stated that waiting is a test of patience. There are many persons who do not have the patience to wait on God for His blessings. Often, many persons miss their blessings because they tend to go ahead of God. If God says that we should wait for our blessings, He has better plans for us.

Be Yourself! This was the core message in the last chapter. Norman Vincent Peace said, ‘’God doesn’t want us to be buffalos who run with the herd; He wants us to be eagles, who fly alone. Bring ourselves wherever we find ourselves. It is quite unfortunate that most persons prefer to copy others when they can actually be themselves. For you to climb the ladder of success and stay there, you have to embrace your uniqueness.

About the Author

Norman Vincent Peale was an American minister and author. He was born on May 31, 1898 and he died on December 24, 1993. Among his numerous books include Spirit Lifters, Stay Alive All Your Life, The Power of Positive Thinking, Try Prayer Power among others.

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