Bishop Oyedepo at 66: Six Important Lessons Learned from his Life

Leadership comes with many responsibilities. From being courageous, a leader directs and guides others on the right path. A leader is brave; he is not easily moved by negative energy thrown at him with the intention to derail him from his cause. Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo is a leader par excellence. His leadership qualities are audacious, tenacious, exemplary, and worthy of emulation. In fact, he is a leader of leaders.
Bishop Oyedepo is the president of Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel. The revered preacher was born on September 27, 1954 in Osun state. However, he is a native of Kwara state. 

Today, his flock and Christians alike worldwide celebrate a man who has helped in liberating many downtrodden souls. Likewise, he has restored many lives to their purpose on earth. His life is a lesson to many persons. As he clocks 66 years today, I have outlined some lessons learned from listening to the teachings of the revered cleric.

1. He obeys the Lord always
Bishop Oyedepo is a man of obedience. It is his lifestyle. Often, he talks about how Living Faith Church started 36 years ago. It takes a man of obedience to listen to God’s calling. Do you know that Canaanland was a forest before it was developed into what it is today? God said to His son, ‘’this place shall be a city without walls. This is where my people shall occupy.’’ 

That sounded funny because you do not build a church in a forest where there are no people around it. Nevertheless, Bishop Oyedepo obeyed. He is where he is today because of sheer obedience.

2. Discipline is his trade mark
Sticking to a routine requires discipline. It is no news that Bishop Oyedepo is a disciplined man. Despite the assistance he gets from his pastors, it does not take away the fact that he has to keep a tab on many activities in his life.

Apart from being the president of Living Faith Church worldwide, he is also the chancellor of Covenant and Landmark Universities. More so, he has his family and members of his flock that seek his guidance at intervals. However, he stays consistent and still shows up in Church to impact the word as led by his maker.

3. He runs with a vision
This is one obvious fact. It takes a man of vision to excel. He started out small while he saw into the future. Along the line, he had challenges. Nevertheless, he did not quit. He stayed focused. Having a vision serves as a compass for our lives. It gives you a direction and propels you to push yourself towards your achievements. Bishop Oyedepo is a man of vision.

4. His faith is undiluted
The faith of the revered preacher has stood the test of time. His faith goes beyond his service to God. Regularly, he talks about the faithfulness of God. No matter the challenges that come his way, he knows he will always overcome them. Challenges do not move him; instead, he moves his challenges to his favor. He has a strong faith in his maker.

5. He is a lover of God
We cannot say this enough. Bishop Oyedepo loves the Lord with all his heart. Anything the Lord says, he does it. He has never doubted the promises of God for his life. Constantly, he reveres the Lord for keeping His part of the covenant for his life. Naturally, the Bishop might have passed through situations in life that challenged his faith. However, his love for God has made him to remain steadfast.

6. Hard work is his watchword
There are people who wait for God to tell them what to do before they act. Even when they have the vision, they do not run with it. Often, they are laid back and feel relaxed. They rely so much on the grace of God that they become lazy with their actions. Bishop Oyedepo has proved over the years to be a man of vision, mission, faith, grace, and hard work.

God will definitely not leave his throne to do the work He has laid in your hands. He will give you the grace to run with the vision. Bishop Oyedepo, no doubt, is where he is today because he makes hard work his banner. It is not a mean feat to pastor a church for thirty six years, run universities and other establishments aside. Yet, he is still consistent and thriving on the path God destined him.

Today, Bishop David Oyedepo marked his 66th year on earth. We wish him many more fruitful years to come.

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