Honouring agreements is essential to doing business as a Christian

It used to be as simple as a handshake or even a back-of-the-napkin agreement, but it has now been elevated to a bulky contract document, shrouded in clauses and sub-clauses. 

The basis is still the same. Two people or organisational representatives discuss on a matter and agree on deliverables. And it is expected that both parties keep to their end of the bargain. 

However what is prevalent now in most circles, is that agreements have lost their essence. People now try to find loopholes in the agreements and change the basic fundamentals on which the agreement was built. 

It is only when you are at the receiving end of a broken agreement with a Christian that you would understand the pain and frustration. It is a drain of integrity, confidence and trust. 

It can be likened to Jesus Christ changing his mind on the cross and deciding not to die on the cross because the people did not believe in Him. 

Even if you have to sacrifice to ensure your end of an agreement is upheld, it is worthwhile and shows that you are a person of integrity. 

We all know that sometimes in business, it might become detrimental to adhere to your side of a business agreement. That does not mean you should disregard the agreement without sitting down with the other party and discussing to ensure that you come out with an outcome that is truly transparent 

One can see the negative impact and consequences of not honouring agreements in our relationships in Nigeria with business partners, organisations and even governments. 

It brings about inefficiencies, distrust, lack of professionalism, a reduction in productivity, tarnished reputations and lawsuits. 

Picture the world now and you see that this is what is prevalent in the society, even among Christians. 

Imagine a world where agreements are kept; 
  • Employees can trust that employers can keep to their sides of the employee contract. This builds trust and loyalty without being subservient;
  • Employees have no fear going on leave because it is written on their employee contracts;
  • Employees fill compelled to meet revenue targets set at the beginning of every fiscal year;
  • Banks will be willing to give loans to people knowing that they will honour repayments or even go back and discuss when there is a problem with repayments. And extensions will be given;
  • Companies do not have to hide behind so many clauses before they do business with other companies;
  • Nigerian companies do not have to provide funds before they import goods to sell when a contract to pay would suffice.
There would be trust, confidence and integrity in the workplace. Relationships would be enhanced. Efficiency would increase and it would be great doing business with other people. 

However it is worthy to note that you must be very clear and transparent when entering into an agreement. Making and keeping to agreements must be a conscious positive choice. 

Pay very close attention to the agreements you make. If there is a need to make a change in an agreement, renegotiate with yourself and the other party 

Philippians 2:4, ESV: "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others."

Be known as a person of integrity. Let your word count. Be like your Father in heaven. 

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