New Video: God No Be Man by Anisong

Anisong is a gospel singer who grew up in a family that loves music. She enjoyed varied genres of music from classics by Beethoven, Mozart to Pop by the King of Pop; Late Michael Jackson, and Gospel by Ron Kenoly, Don Moen and other artistes.

Her inspiration for music is drawn from her up bringing, exposure and Gospel adventures. In order of preference what her genre of music would be R & B, soft rock, Pop or Contemporary. Anisong’s burning desire and passion to outwardly express her love for God, set her on a quest to make Gospel music that will spark new inspirations and renew the face of Gospel music.

With her songs, she seeks to be a vessel through which God will touch and restore lives, families, ministries, in order to awaken a strong revival in the zeal and desire to serve God by all.

Notwithstanding, music for Anisong is always a sweet escape into an imaginary world and her passion for music got stronger till date.

Recently, Anisong released a music video titled ‘God No Be Man’.

The song is a masterpiece of God’s work in our daily lives. It transparently defines God to everyone’s understanding that He is not a man and will never be. God is not a man that He can lie; We should trust in Him and He will surely see us through.

The music video is directed by C-ri Snow. Watch the video below

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