RoofTop MCs Snatcha unveils Assalt TV, 24-hour gospel music channel


If you remember RoofTop MCs, you will remember the ever energetic, table climbing, chair throwing member of the duo called Soul Snatcha.

Now based in UK, Snatcha a.k.a. Kunle Adeyoola, has now unveiled a new video channel to push gospel music 24/7. It is Assalt TV.

Speaking with him, he says, "Assalt is a 24hrs gospel music entertainment and lifestyle channel."

Assalt TV is owned by Snatcha but he has partnered with Ecable to have it on their platform.

"The desire is to put the glory of God in display. There is a wealth of Christian music that is yet to be discovered by a vast majority hungry and in need of such content. Our desire is to connect the artiste with the audience that is thirsting for such and also those who have no idea that’s what they need. 

Our media is flooded with all sorts of content so it’s high time we flood it with the right content also."
Currently Snatcha is bootstrapping Assalt TV. However he is having a formal launch on the 16th of June to share the vision and poch intended sponsors and supporters. 

Snatcha believes that Assalt TV has come to stay and it can be sustained. 

"We are confident we will have the numbers, because there is already a hunger for this especially in the United Kingdom as it will be the only channel I’m on right now. As the numbers build we will be getting in adverts. 

We are building a marketing team that is also working on many other ways such as our pay per view options coming soon for premium contents."

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