Pastor Paul Adefarasin pens a beautiful message to his wife, Ifeanyi on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Pastor Ifeanyi

It is Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin's birthday today and her husband, Pastor Paul Adeafarasin of House on the Rock, took to Facebook to celebrate her. 

Here is the message below.

As much as I appreciate her with every new dawn, I relish the opportunity on this day every year to lavish my love and celebrate the amazing woman only God could've given me. I met her 24 years ago and we're still dating 24 years later; we've been married for 22 of those years. She's my still waters and my green pasture; I lay me down in the calm of her embrace. Her love is wind in to my sails, her voice is quietening to my storm. The glint in her eyes reminds me that God loves me endlessly.

Ifeanyi is my Ijebu Princess and my Asaba Queen; I have watched her bloom and blossom like daffodils in the spring; I've watched her grow wiser with every new year; I've watched her grow stronger with every storm - she is my virtuous woman and leading lady. I've watched her pursue her passion; strive for and attain excellence at everything she does. It is no wonder that our churches celebrate her; men and women are blessed by her, and many seek to emulate her as she lives as an example of a Godly woman.
While words are terribly insufficient to capture just how much you mean to me, Ifeanyi; I cannot but bless God for trusting you to me and giving me the wisdom to choose to make you mine. 
You are my Heart, my Love, my Home, the quintessential Mother to my children, my Confidant and my Best Friend. You are the very definition of a Godly woman, my most ardent Cheerleader, my Partner through thick and thin; pit or palace; up or down; better or worse. My love for you and my appreciation of who you are grows exponentially every day. You have made the last 24 years the best of my life and I look forward to spending the remainder with you. 
Happy birthday, my love. I pray that you will continue to walk in God's perfect will for you as we unravel destiny and purpose together. I remain your biggest fan and have no doubt that we have barely scratched the surface of what God is using you to do in our world; I bless Him for giving me a ring-side seat as you emerge into the wonder He has created you to be. 
Join me in loving on her on this special day… I love you Ifeanyi. Ich liebe dich Ifeanyi miene Frau.  
Ifeanyi Adefarasin

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