Nikki Laoye celebrates 11 years in music with the acoustic cover of "Victory belongs to Jesus"

Gospel artist Nikki Laoye is celebrating 11 victorious years in music with the release of the acoustic cover of "Victory belongs to Jesus."

Though she recorded the song 6 months ago, she says it is now coming out at the right time.  

According to her, "Everyone knows that I have a special soft spot for this song. It totally encapsulates all that God has done for me and my family over the past 11 years - a reminder that through the Good, The Bad and even The Ugly, I still had the Victory through Christ Jesus as All things were working out for my Good." 

"Ever since the first day I heard it, the song spoke my heart and with the help of my friend/rhythm guitarist, Nelson @nellyjay62, I co-produced and recorded my version of the song in March 2017 before I travelled on tour to the States but wasn't ready to release it at the time."

"I didn't even know that I would be meeting the man behind the song on that trip but God, who knew what the song meant to me, orchestrated it all and I got to tell @ToddDulaney1 about the cover and the impact of his music on my life. (God bless you real good, Todd. Thank you )"

"The Song says it all for me - It's definitely been 11 Years of God's goodness, favor and mercy through the highs and lows since I began my solo music career in 2006. 11 Years and I'm still Standing!! Yes.. It's been 11 VICTORIOUS YEARS with Jesus right by my side.. Yes, the #VictoryBelongsToJesus & I am grateful that He called me & made me a blessing - A VOICE OF LOVE & HOPE IN THIS GENERATION. "

"God bless My Management (@WahalaMediaEnt), My Producers, My Team, The Media, My Pastors, My Friends, My Family...Everyone who has stood by me from Day One." 

"Now I am gearing up to do more. I haven't even started.... Here's to a New Beginning.. It all starts once again at 11"

Here musical career began in 2006 with the song "Never Felt This Way Before "produced by Cobhams Asuquo.

Listen to the song "Victory Belongs to Jesus" below

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