Four Secular Music Stars That Became Pastors

Image result for Chris OkotieSecular music stars enjoy a great deal of attention from their fans .Giving up the many perks that come with being a secular music star may be very hard but there are people that have been known to cross the line.

In a world where being a Christian isn’t always seen as cool, it is interesting to find that there are famous pop stars that traded the fame and fan base they enjoyed by embracing Jesus in the full glare of the public.

We have made a list of five top Nigerian pop acts that changed that not only took the bold step to embrace Jesus Christ but they also became men of God.

1.Sunny Okosun: This very popular star ruled the 70s and 80s with his band, Ozzidi band. He won the hearts of many music lovers with his blend of Afro beat, reggae and funk music. He also used his songs as means of political advocacy. His fame grew internationally but he gravitated towards gospel genre in the 90s.

He sang under the name Evangelist Sunny Okosun and his songs were well received and popular around churches. He also founded the House of Prayer Ministry where he was an active member before his death.

2. Chris Okotie: ‘I need someone’ was a massive hit in the 80samong music lovers making the name ‘Chris Okotie’ a household name in Nigeria. However he encountered Jesus and started his church, Household of God ministries in The church has grown so much since he started in1987.

He was listed as one of the richest pastors in Nigeria in Forbes publication in the year 2011.

3. Ebenezer Obey: With his unique juju style and witty lyrics, Obey held the hearts of many music lovers for many decades. His rich discography boasts of quite a number of classics.

He however drifted towards gospel music and can sometimes be seen sharing the word of God as an Evangelist. He makes rare special appearances for his friends but he has stuck to his resolve to make his music as clean as it can possibly be

In one of the interviews he granted, he shared that becoming an evangelist made him lose a lot of fans.

4. Felix Liberty: Many youngsters may not know this name but he was the crooner behind the 80s mega hit song-Ifeoma.

He had his share of women and is blessed with 19children. Right now, he pastors a church.

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