CovenantLight Church Opens A Tuition Free Private School at Abule Egba

CovenantLight School is a vision borne out of the CovenantLight Church's mandate to reach the world with the knowledge of God’s love, by precept and by example. 

To achieve this, they examined the core areas by which human needs are presented, and found the need for qualitative education.

Speaking further on what led to the birth of this laudable move, the lead Pastor, Pastor Nuel Manufor said :

"Educating a community should begin from the bottom up , that is from the young;they can be guided and moulded for optimal success. It is also easier for adults to believe in God’s love when it is modelled before them through the good they have seen in their children.

Our aim is to make qualitative private education accessible to low income families, hence the of a tuition free school that is dedicated to moulding young minds."

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