Four killed as bomb explosions hit IDP camps in Maiduguri, Borno State

Four people have been reported killed and eighteen injured in a recent attack at the IDP camps in Maiduguri, Borno state.

According to Borno Police Commissioner Damian Chukwu, the latest blasts happened at around 04:30 a.m. (0330 GMT).

"Three bomb explosions occurred this morning at three different locations near Muna Garage, Maiduguri. Four people were killed and 18 people injured," he said.

Chukwu said two of the blasts happened at camps for people displaced by Boko Haram. The frequency of attacks has increased since the end of the rainy season in late 2016.

The attacks were the latest in a series in the past week. In a video circulated on Friday, a man claiming to be Boko Haram's leader claimed responsibility for bombings in Maiduguri and a raid in a nearby town last week. Bombings near the city killed four on Sunday.

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