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Gbenye Faith Halliday, best known as Reward is a composer, choir trainer, music conductor and drums instructor who hails from Bonny Island, Rivers State. He is a prolific and talented drummer.

Reward, popularly known for his vocal strength and dexterity, started music at a very tender age of 5 when he joined the children's choir at Fountain Of Praise (Church), Ibadan, Pastored by Rev Columba Niboro now based in America.

He was the first drummer of the popular dance drama group called 'the Chosen Vessel Drama Group' A.K.A Alfa Sule and has played for great music ministers like Sinach, Gbenga Adenuga, Big Bolaji, Yetunde Are, Babatunmise, Sola Allyson and several others. He currently serves as a drummer and lead vocalist in Shepherdhill Baptist Church.

Reward is an inspirational Levite and facilitator of numerous music seminars. He has mentored and raised several instrumentalists, singers and choirs. He just released his maiden album titled "Open Door" during Just Worship with Rev Dr Israel Kristilere

In the spirit of giving, Reward releases his album title track 'Open Door', available for FREE download.

'OPEN DOOR' Lyrics

​To the one, who is Holy , who is true
Who has the key of David
Who opens the door that no one can shut
God has set before, an open door for me

He set a door that no man can shut
He puts before me an open door
God has set before, an open door for me
God has set before, an open for me

Open door...., Open door (6x)

God has set before an open door for me
God has set before, an open door for me

Listen to the track and download

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