Communion Christian Centre presents Holy Ghost Conference #IGC16 - (October 28 - 29)

For the first time in the history of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife....registration is really required to attend a meeting/programme and within 2 weeks or so, over 750 people have registered for #HGC16. Over 60 pastors, ministers and other dignitaries are attending from far (Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos, Ilorin, etc) and near.

Every participant need to register for a seat reservation. The entire sessions of the Holy Ghost Conference is free but registration is required. Delayed registration may land you in any of our big extensions.

Join us this friday 6pm, Saturday 6am and 6pm for an encounter with life and destiny as we host our father, pastor Poju Oyemade , Senior Pastor, Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos.

Music ministration by Minister David Nkennor , a psalmist of the most high God.

Be expectant!!!

I love and celebrate you all

God bless you.

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