Breaking News: Explosion goes off in Manhattan, New York City - 29 injured

Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Chief of Department James O'Neil during a press conference
There has been an explosion in Manhattan, New York City.  It happened in the bustling Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan on Saturday night. 29 people were injured and it is said that one perosn is on the critical list.  It is believed that the explosion was caused by an IED near a dumpster.

A second device has been found at a Chelsea site undetonated.  According to reports, the second device is a pressure cooker with wires sticking out of it. It is connected by silver duct tape a small dark device , which looks to be a cell phone. There is also a writing on the device.

NYPD has warned residents on specific streets to stay away from windows while they clear the area of a suspicious package as a precautionary measure. The area is not being evacuated.

The Mayor says that indications show that the Manhattan explosion was an "intentional act". However, it is said that there is no specific evidence yet that it is a terrorist act.

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