Same Sex Marriage: Australian Govt. Delays Referendum Until February 2017

The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull and his administration has announced that it will delay the referendum on same sex marriage until February 2017; Turnbull had said he wanted the vote to be held next year. 

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the vote, called a plebiscite, is being pushed back to February.

“The government has always said that a decision on same-sex marriage will be made by a vote of all Australians in a national plebiscite to be held as soon as practicable,” a government spokesman said.

Late last week, the Australian Electoral Commission advised the Special Minister of State against the conduct of a plebiscite this calendar year.

A timeline for the vote would now be announced in September and that the question expected to be asked is: "Do you approve of a law to permit people of the same sex to marry?"

A large majority of Australians support marriage equality, according to polls.

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