Bishop Marvin Sapp Responds to Woman Claiming to be His Wife on Facebook

Gospel singer and Bishop Marvin Sapp is speaking out against a woman who is claiming to be his wife and trying to book shows using his name.

"This young woman has posted and  has been posing as my new wife. SHE IS NOT MY WIFE," Sapp exclaimed in a Facebook message. "The only reason why I'm posting this is not to put her on blast; however it is because she has placed a link onto her page as it pertains to my booking."

The woman, who goes by the name First Lady Annisha Sapp, took to Facebook where she posted the message: "Hello Everyone! Here's our new Facebook business page for Bishop Marvin Sapp and first lady Annisha Sapp. If you would like to book Bishop Sapp for preaching/singing at your church click the link." Sapp, 49, is urging his millions of followers to make no efforts to book hin through the woman’s unauthorized Facebook or Twitter pages. Furthermore, he is requesting that supporters “request from both media sites that her sites be shutdown/removed.”

In 2014, Sapp was forced to take out a restraining order against another woman who claimed to be his wife. Later that year, he spoke out about his space being invaded after numerous women showed up to his home uninvited.

MaLinda Sapp, his wife and former co-pastor of his Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, died from colon cancer in 2010. Still, the gospel star and pastor has made it clear that she is still an extremely important part of his life. MaLinda was the inspiration behind 10th studio album You Shall Live, which was released last year. 

"The greatest gift my wife gave me was a statement before she passed," Sapp told The Christian Post in an interview last year. "She knew that there was nothing else that they could do, she literally said to me, ' 'honey, if you want me to be happy in my transition, promise me after I transition that you will live.'

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