Church Attendance, How Relevant?

What shall it profit a man if he spends his whole life in church and still end in hell?

I often ask myself these questions:
  • Why do people go to church and still gossip and keep malice with others? 
  • Why do people go to church and still cheat in exams?
  • Why do people go to church and still fornicate or commit adultery?
  • Why do people go to church and their life still remains the same?
  • Why do people go to church and still defraud others or their organizations?
Have you asked yourself what the product of going to church is? Some people go to church for social activity, while some go to church in search of miracles, and some go to church for bench warming, and others go to church for business connection etc. Whatever you do in church that does not take you to heaven is a waste of time and life.

Your church attendance should change your life and the way you behave so that those around you will see a transformed person. Your lifestyle as a church goer should draw people to God. I have heard someone say, if this is the way those who go to church behave, I will rather remain an unbeliever and not go to church. 

People should look at you and see the effect of your church attendance in your life. Your life should speak to people even before you speak.
What exactly is our relationship with God?

The Bible makes us understand that seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing will be added unto you. We have failed today to acknowledge this simple phrase in the Bible but have decided that relationships with ourselves will give us all we want in life.

My neighbour came back from church and asked one of our neighbour’s wife if she was a Christian; that her pastor told them to ask those around their neighbourhood. Our neighbour’s wife told her that she was a Christian since she goes to church regularly but our neighbour on hearing this, interrupted his wife and said that she was only deceiving her and he thinks she is not a Christian because she keeps malice, she picks up a fight with everyone in the neighbourhood, she lies, she gossips with his wife which he does not like, she is wicked and he just went on. The woman was dumbfounded and she walked shamefully into her flat.

Habits not expected of a Church Goer: 
  1. An unbeliever gets to work late at 9am and he writes 7:45am in the register, when a church goer does the same thing then his church attendance is a waste.
  2. Unbelievers sell expired drugs to innocent people because they don’t want to lose the money they invested in the business. If someone who goes to church regularly has the same kind of habit then what is the use of his church attendance?
  3. We live in a generation today where some examination halls are like discussion centres where question papers and answer scripts are exchanged by the students. There are people today with certificates they cheated to have. Such certificates are worthless if you didn’t work for it. People in this category put Pastors under pressure to pray for them to get a job with degrees they didn’t earn. That the whole world is doing it, does not make it right. 
  4. There are times you are given money at the office and you are required to reconcile the money afterwards. And you claim to have spent all the money given to you but you didn’t; yet you get to church early and leave late after everyone has left.
  5. Unbelievers engage in extra marital affairs and they don’t feel bad about it but when church goers do the same thing then it is a wrong and defeats their purpose of going to church.
You go to church and act like the perfect Christian on Sundays? But talk about people, create drama, judge others, lie and act fake? Going to church doesn’t make you a good person but being a good person does.

What do you think your colleagues, family members, friends, boss, school mates will say about you if asked? This is a wakeup call for us all to amend our relationship with God and serve him for who HE truly is not just going to church absent minded or because we are compelled to go.

What is the use of church attendance that does not change lives? And what is the use of church attendance that ends a man in hell?

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