84-year old French Priest killed as two men take people hostage at a church in Normandy, France

84 year-old French Priest, has been killed in a hostage situation at a church in in north-western France. The Priest has been identified as Father Jacques Hamel.

Five people, the priest and reportedly two nuns and two worshippers, were inside the church when the terrorists entered.

The men shouted "Daesh" and slit the priest's throat. Le Figaro reported that the Priest died after this dastardly act.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility saying, that the men were its soldiers.

It is reported that three of the hostages were freed unharmed, and another was fighting for their life.

The two attackers have been shot dead.

This situation is coming about two weeks after the Bastille tragedy where a man killed 84 people with a truck

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