A Tsunami of the Word of God has hit Nigeria!

A Christian SPOKEN WORD POETRY CONFERENCE (SWPC) has hit the Nigerian environment with the raw truth of the Gospel! With three successful editions held already, there is still more to come. 
The fourth edition will hold on 30th APRIL, 2016 at RCCG, UPPER ROOM PARISH, it is tagged

SPOKEN WORD POETRY CONFERENCE (SWPC) is hosted by a company called: LUKE 6:45. It came from a deep yearning in the hearts of a team of young people to speak the heart and mind of God through poetry.

A conference which kicked off on the tenth day in August, 2014 can already boast of having about two hundred people in attendance. Apart from the consistent growth SWPC has, the testimony of saved lives is proof that God is indeed involved in what we do.

SWPC is a conference designed not just for the youths but also those who are young at heart. Spoken word poetry is gradually taking the market of entertainment and SWPC is one of such mediums. We are aware of the devil’s tricks and how he would stop at nothing until he completely has the heart of the youths, but we also know that the no matter how much he fights, the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL! We at LUKE 6:45 are dedicated to SPEAKING this truth!


Nigerians! GET READY!

A TSUNAMI IS ABOUT TO STORM OUR ROOFS! This isn’t the usual tsunami, it’s a TSUNAMI OF WORDS! Not just any kind of words, it’s a TSUNAMI OF THE WORD OF GOD!

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