1. Stay true to your calling
No excuse or location should prevent you from doing what God has called you to do. Trust God to help you identify how to go about it, to start and to be consistent with it. We are vessels in God's hands, so let's be used by him. No talent should be wasted.

2. Show God's love to others
Invest in true agape love, giving money, needed items and time, as well as blessing others with your gifts. God has deposited something in each of us that we can use to be a blessing to others.

3. Keep in touch with friends and family more
Check up on family and friends regularly, not out of obligation but out of love. Little acts of kindness will go a long way as well.

4. Use your tongue wisely
Talk less. Complain less. Gossip less. Pray more. Let your speech always be seasoned with salt, building people up and not breaking them down.

5. Plan better
Try to think outside the box, when making plans. Have to-do lists and reminders to be better effective with the execution of your plans.

6. Improve your relationship with God
Have a constant and healthy relationship with God. Take even the simplest issue to him in prayer and you will get hidden insight. Do not downplay the spiritual, it rules over the physical. Settle things there and they will reflect here.

7. Relate better with others
No man is an island; everybody needs someone. Discard pride. Accept help and always be  ready to offer it. But let the wisdom and leading of God direct you in all your dealings.

All in all, remain steadfast in the faith and disciplined in all your endeavours. Wishing everyone a happy, blessed and fulfilling year. Amen

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