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Yes You, I am talking to you. You have a nonchalant approach to the ever aggressive media campaign that the devil has launched through his surrogates and machinery. You go to your social media pages to pay lips services to these audacious moves but like i said that’s all you do, “lips service”. Yeah right now you are asking yourself, what moves is he talking about? 

You are a Christian abi, or a Muslim or you believe in something sha. You believe in the sanctity of life, you believe and you know that homosexuality is no way for a society or community to thrive, because no two men can do anything and in the process give birth to an offspring. 

You have seen the provocative music videos on those popular music channels like MTV, Trace TV and co. Many times you have stumbled on your children, nephew, nieces ,cousin watching it and in every of those moments you feel that sting of guilt, that shock, that shiver that runs through you as you watch the younger ones watching and mimicking the things they see on TV. 

You are busy working and building your business, raking in all the money you can, then you come back home to meet Wizkid, Drake and Whiz khalifa teaching your kids how to do girls, do drugs, drink and live indiscriminately. You come back home to meet Tiwa Savage, Rihanna and Lady Gaga teaching your girls how to twerk. Ooh you don’t know what twerking means….sorry!

The level of profanity, immorality, seduction and raunchiness on the media is alarming. The so called regulatory bodies pay lips service to “censoring”. The artistes and producers and video directors are out to make money at the expense of the morality of the society. The media houses are out to make money too, hence they will play anything as long as you can pay. 

So where are the artistes getting all that level of money that they show us on TV and they pay the media houses. Enter….Corporate businesses, private companies and wealthy individuals. The Telecoms and beverage industry are the highest spenders when it comes to endorsing actors, artistes, video vixens etc. They are the biggest investors in concerts and events. As long as you can get them to their audience at whatever cost, they are willing to pay. 

I am happy that the CEOs, COOs and CCOs are, and would be parent of some child somewhere. So I will say this bluntly to them. The decisions you made in preferring to sponsor a raunchy entertainment project instead of a safe wholesome family or religious entertainment will definitely haunt you down. It’s not a curse, it’s a fact. I hear that DSTV has removed One Gospel from her bouquets …Nice one DSTV. God bless you guys big time, and you want to replace it with this bombshell of a movie called “I am Jazz”.

Few days back a campaign started on social media to stop DSTV from airing a Transgender Series movie for children. I started seeing social Broadcasts everywhere requesting people to join the campaign and write to the NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation) to stop DSTV (Multichoice) from airing the obviously Homosexual Children Movie. 

What interests me most is the response of two of my colleagues in the gospel entertainment media industry, our senior, Uncle Deji Irawo of X2D and my friend Emmanuel Oyez of GospelNaija . Both of them were simply appalled at people’s sudden realization that airing such a series is dangerous to the psychology our nation and continent. Meanwhile these things have been brewing for years and they both have platforms promoting and propagating safe entertainment or Christian entertainment and they have been trying to reach out to the corporate world and wealthy individuals to support their cause to no avail. 

Of course the argument has always been “you call yours Christian Entertainment, what about the Muslims and the non religious”. My answer, there is a fundamental law of freedom of worship and association. People can choose to watch whatever they want to watch. I am still wondering why NBC is holding off religious TV media houses. As for the Corporate bodies who think religious media and events can’t get them to their audience, that’s a lie from the pit of hell. Various Christian events have proved you wrong. I hear some of them have been approaching the organisers of The Experience Lagos Concert to sponsor the event. 

Our Muslim brothers can fix themselves. As for the Anti religious and Non-Religious, God help You.

My Submission

We are simply nonchalant. We are not proactive; we pay lips service and do nothing about it. We have all the money to own and promote wholesome media and safe entertainment TV and radio channels, internet media, print etc. We have the connections to sway decisions to allow legislations. But we do nothing about it. We are torn between the lines of denominations. 

What the media sells to people if what they will watch. If you show raunchy and sex littered entertainment, they will watch, if you show safe entertainment, they will watch, if you make the safe entertainment classy and excellent enough, they will enjoy it better. And to achieve that we need funding. Stop being a hypocrite and do something now to save you children from damnation. The media defines the culture and life style of any nation and shapes her future. NBC should stop comparing religious media with political media, they are two different avenues. Terms of broadcast can be applied.

If you felt offended by my use of words, make a change Now. Stop the hypocrisy. We can’t go on like this. We will end up like some of the western nations. We will lose our sense of purpose.

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