National Broadcasting Commission issues press statement on DSTV's proposed airing of transgender programme "I am Jazz"

The Nigerian National Broadcasting Commission has issued a statement on the proposed DSTV's proposed airing of TLC's transgender programme "I am Jazz".

There has been news on social media that DSTV has been airing an advert for "I am Jazz" on their TLC channel 172 which is set to start showing on DSTV in Nigeria on the 27th of October 2015.

"I am Jazz" is a reality TV series about Jazz, a transgender kid; an 11 year old boy who has "transitioned" into a girl.

This brought about a petition online asking people to protest by sending an email to the National Broadcasting Commission at and complaints on their website

It would seem that this protest worked as the NBC issued a statement yesterday assuring Nigerians that it will investigate and ensure it will safeguard Nigerian airwaves and ensure the peoples' right to quality broadcasting. This statement is on its website.

Here is the Press statement from NBC

TRANSGENDER PROGRAMME ON DSTVThe attention of the National Broadcasting Commission has been drawn to the concern shown by some members of the public about alleged plans by the TLC channel on the DSTV to begin airing a programme, I am Jazz, the story of a transgender child.
The Commission has since drawn the attention of the service provider to this concern and has received firm assurances that they will investigate, and if they confirm that the programme is indeed promoting undesirable ideas that would offend the Nigerian public, they would pull the plug on the programme.
The National broadcasting Commission has further assured Nigerians that as the regulator of the industry it will continue to safeguard Nigerian airwaves and ensure the peoples’ right to quality broadcasting.
The Commission also commends the concerned citizens that raised the matter for their constructive approach to the issue, stating that it is always ready to receive complaints from the public, and invited people to use the complaint facilities provided on the website of the commission,, to report any unprofessional or harmful broadcast, which would help the Commission to properly regulate the industry for the good of society.
Awwalu Salihu
Director, Public Affairs.
Multichoice, owners of DSTV, has not made any comments yet. 

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