Pictures : Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt South-Africa Tour

Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt is thrilled to announce to the general public and fans about her ongoing tour in South-Africa with the winners from the first season of the talent hunt show.

It has been undoubtedly been a very interesting and inspiring trip for the winners, Israel Funsho, Femi Flame, J’dess, EsesQlic, Hope Levi and Voke, an experience they won't forget in a hurry, as it is their first time leaving the shores of Nigeria.

Read what the organizers had to say about the tour so far, after the cut.
 "We arrived South-Africa on the 9th of August, 2015 and straight up to business as we stormed the Christ Ambassador church with anointed ministrations from Femi Flame, Hope Levi and EseQlic, such that the church requested our re-appearance again, indeed the entire church felt the presence of God like never before. , J’dess and Voke electrified the House on the Rock Church with the anointing as they ministered Live to the People.

After a long rest from the trip, the producer of Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt Mrs. U-cheena Eshareturi and J’dess the season two (2) winner of Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt had a special interview on SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), which was aired all over the world.

We also had interviews with One Gospel, Planet Tv, Redemption Tv and Parable Magazine.

It has been an awesome time here in South-Africa, the winners are set to thrill the South-Africans with their wonderful voice and overall be a blessing to their lives. This has really bridged the gap, fostering unity despite the xenophobic attacks that happened recently.

Prepare to be wowed as we will be shooting the video “On My Mind” by Hope Levi featuring Femi Flame, “We go make am” by J’dess, “Kuwiye” by EseQlic and “Ovie Doh” by Voke here in South-Africa".

See some pictures below

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