Buhari Will Be the Best President Nigeria Has Ever Had - Emmanuel Valentine

Emmanuel Valentine, General Overseer, Mega Fire Ministry, Kaduna, in this interview with Chinyere Abiaziem, speaks about his calling and the state of the nation.

How do people react to you as a Prophet from the Northern part of Nigeria?

The fact is that, it has not been so easy for people to really accept you as a good Christian, pastor, or prophet from the North; people generally believe that Islam is for the North while Christianity is for West, South and East. The truth is that when a Northerner accepts Jesus Christ; he accepts it with all his heart, I mean he accepts it in totality and he is not easily swayed. I tell you the same fanatism that runs in a Northern Muslim, runs in a Northern Christian because when a Northerner accepts Christ, he accepts with all his heart. A Northern Christian can die for the sake of Christ. They are like the old time Apostles and disciples who cannot be easily manipulated.

I tell you that as a prophet, I can die for the cause of Christ because I am for him forever.

How do you see Buhari's administration?

I tell you frankly that President Buhari will do very well as the President of Nigeria. He will eventually emerge as the best President Nigeria has ever had. He is there as the President to correct a lot of things that has gone wrong. He has publicly declared his asset, meaning that he has no intention to embezzle from Nigeria's sick account. Public Declaration of his asset shows good intention and these promises good for the nation. The major problem that has halted the growth of Nigeria is
corruption. We have had so many corrupt leaders in the past; right from the time of independence; this is what has put this country in this state. We have also had leaders who care only for their pocket, who does not have the interest of the nation at heart. These past corrupt leaders of ours, have actually put the entire nation in penury and dwindled our great resources. President Buhari's administration will be totally different from what we have been experiencing in Nigeria; he is trying his best to purge and cleanse the system, so Nigerians should please give him a chance because it is not going to be like a miracle, it will be a gradual process; so I urge Nigerians to be patient with Buhari because he has very good intentions and he will not disappoint Nigerians.

How did you meet the Governor of Benue State?

I actually met him through one of my daughters; she happens to hold a political position, she introduced me to the Governor. He was not yet a Governor by then. I told him that he was going to be the Governor of the State before then, someone had already told him that, he was going to be; my prophecy was a confirmation of what was to be. He was then a member of PDP and I told him that I see him becoming the Governor, but not under the platform of PDP, which was the ruling party in Benue State. It sounded strange to him because PDP was the party in power by then. He later decamped to APC, won the primaries and eventually became the Governor. I have direct access to him, he is aware I am in Lagos at present, in fact he is expecting to see this publication.

What brought you to Lagos?

I came for a crusade at Blessed Life Bible Church, Isheri-Osun road, Bucknor, Lagos. The host of the crusade is Rev. Dr. H.O Dike, an anointed man of God from the eastern part of Nigeria and the theme of the program is 'Oversize Miracles and Oversize Breakthroughs,' it is an ember month prophetic bonanza.

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