Featured Article: Christianity, The Cross Vs Comfort by Lazarus Muoka

ONE issue that has been taunting our faith in the present generation is the dilemma of what Christianity should be. While some are attuned to Christianity of comfort, of modernisation and well-being, others stick to the Christianity of the cross, of the old, as it is written unequivocally in the Scripture. (Heb 1: 1-2)

Beloved, the truth of the matter is that Christianity is not a bread and butter affair. The Christianity that was bequeathed to us by the Apostles and disciples was not of comfort but of the old rugged cross despised by the world, stained with blood of Christ, which is an emblem of suffering and shame. This was the Christianity of the reformers that was enduring and consequently caused the spread of the gospel across the globe. It was Christianity of radical evangelism that brought light to the dark world, and established great countries and men. The believers of the old almost conquered the world for Christ despite the great persecution that trailed them. But the present day Christianity couldn’t manage the success of their predecessor because they renegade from what Christianity should be and have embraced the Christianity of comfort, of politics and love of the world, which has brought reproach and great challenges to genuine born again Christians.

What we are witnessing today is the opposite of Christianity, the Christianity of comfort that never yielded result and which has turned countries formerly under the influence of Christ to that of the devil. Countries that were championing the cry of repentance for souls are now calling for support of gay rights under the guise of human Rights, and legalising children disobedience to parents, and total disregard to sanctity.

Mt 16:24 says, “Then said Jesus unto His disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me”.

If any man resolves to be a Christian, he must be ready to carry his cross because God has laid it upon us as a duty. To carry cross denotes that we must endure whatever is burdensome, or considered as disgraceful in following Christ. It consists simply of doing our duty, spreading the Goodnews and not bothered of what the world may think or speak. It is all about preaching the word both in season and out of season without minding whatever shame, disgrace, or pain it may bring.

Every follower of Jesus is required to do this regardless of wherever he may be or the danger. He is expected to always be at his duty post, making known the gospel. He is expected to take evangelism as a subject matter and never lose sight of preaching the gospel. He is not to confine himself to the appointed times of worship, or to preach only when it is convenient for him. But rather he will present the gospel everywhere and at all times.

A man, therefore, who merely confines himself to the stated seasons of preaching the gospel should not consider he has met the requirement demanded by the Christianity of the cross. If he believes in the Christianity of the rugged cross, his heart should be full of love to the Saviour and perishing souls.

Beloved, if you’re not preaching the word, your Christianity is not of the cross neither of Christ, it is of the world. That Satan is tempting, discouraging, or attacking you should not be an excuse to abandon the Master’s call to go into the world to preach to all creatures.  He tempted Eve in the Garden, discouraged Elijah after Mount Carmel, and attacked Jesus on the cross. Do not allow him to baptise you into the Christianity of comfort.

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