72-Year-Old Nun Gang-defiled While Trying To Stop Robbery At Christian School

A 72-year-old nun has been sexually assaulted by a group of up to twelve robbers in the latest shocking attack in  West Bengal state’s Nadia district, India.

According to the Indian media, the gang of 12 men broke into the Christian school, tied up the security officer and entered the nuns’ room, where the women were sleeping. They took one of the nuns to another room when she tried to block their way and then defiled her. The woman who was attacked is either 71 or 72 and is the oldest nun at the school.

Then they escaped with cash, a mobile phone, a laptop computer and a camera belonging to the school. Now the old lady,  who confronted the bandits is in a serious condition in hospital, her name is not disclosed. It is believed that the attack was carried out by seven or eight robbers.

Police Inspector General Anuj Sharma said, “A preliminary investigation has revealed that a nun at the school was gagged and gang-defiled. Two people have so far been arrested.”

Furious local residents took to the streets in anger, shouting slogans demanding action and blocking off the main highway. Police launched an investigation and is searching for the criminals. The incident came at a time of heightened sensitivity over women’s safety in India, where rape is the fourth most common crime in the country.

Several rape cases in India received widespread media attention and triggered protests since 2012. This led the Government of India to reform its penal code for crimes of rape and sexual assault, speeding up trials and increasing penalties, although many campaigners say little has changed for women on the ground.

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