Christian Filmmakers Use Hollywood To Send A Powerful Message: Your Past Doesn't Need To Define You.

There’s a long-held assumption — particularly in conservative circles — that Hollywood simply doesn’t understand people of faith and that Tinseltown, either purposefully or inadvertently, ignores Christian audiences.

Pastor Kirk Dueker and Nicholas DiBella Are Teaming Up to Make a Big Impact Through Hollywood. It is true that faith-based projects haven’t traditionally been championed in popular media, but there’s evidence that these tides might be changing, as feature films like “Left Behind,” “Noah,” “Son of God” and a number of other Bible-themed movies are slated to hit the big screen in 2014.

And just as Hollywood seems to be diving into Christian subject matter, churches, too, are increasingly stepping into the entertainment world and producing films of their own. Take, for instance, the partnership between Pastor Kirk Dueker at Hope Church in Rochester, N.Y., and local film director Nicholas DiBella who came together last year to produce “King’s Faith.”

The movie, about Brendan King, a foster teen recently released from prison who tries to leave his former gang life behind while building his new-found Christian faith, shows the power that churches can have when they use film to tout theological or moral messaging.

“King’s Faith” found a big audience after it was released in theaters and later on DVD. In the end, it received a rating of 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, a website that measures viewers opinions on feature films. This rating means that, of the 214 people who posted reviews, 94 percent reported that they liked the film — not a bad rating for a church’s first time involvement in a Hollywood picture.

Perhaps it was the storyline that drew viewers in — a tale about a young man working diligently to escape his past, while he adjusted to seeing the world through a new and refined faith-tinted lens.

“King’s Faith” tells the faith-based story of Brendan King, a teen in foster care who has faced person and legal problems 

Watch the “King’s Faith” trailer below:

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