Car Bomb explosion in Maiduguri, many feared injured, dead

A car bomb is said to have exploded this afternoon at about 1.30p.m. in the commercial area of Maiduguri in Borno State situated in the northern part of Nigeria.

According to Premium Times, the explosion occurred less than 200 meters from their reporter. The blast is also said to have occurred right in front of a large military post called JTF Sector 4, which is located in the area called Post Office.

A lot of people were seen running for cover and there were also some car collisions as some people tried to escape from the scene.

The number of casualties could not been ascertained as at the time of this report.

This is the first bomb explosion in 2014 in Borno State.

Today is a public holiday in Nigeria as Muslims celebrate the birth of Mohammed/ Muslim Id el Maulud celebrations. It is a work free day.

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