Rooftop Clan Music to release second single from "Kings & Priests" album - "Seasons (Turn by Turn)"

On Monday the 9th December at 12pm, Rooftop Clan will be releasing the second single from the Album, KINGS AND PRIESTS.

The single titled Seasons (Turn by Turn) Has Sokleva Featuring Okey Sokay and IBK SpaceshipBoi. The track is produced by the Uber-Talented Okey Sokay who is the official producer of the Rooftop Clan.

Spread the word and tell somebody. It's a New SEASON!!!

In case you missed the first single, "Super-Hero Lomo", listen to it below. The track is produced by Okey Sokay who is the official producer for the clan and no new comer to crafting hits. The track speaks to everyone who, despite the odds and obstacles, keeps pressing on towards a better tomorrow saying that such people are the real Super-Heroes or as the streets would say SUPER-HERO LOMO. This track is sure to be on heavy rotation on radio stations and playlists.

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