RCCG's Holy Ghost Congress Opens With 'Signs, Wonders'

THE General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said God will restore the lost glory of Nigeria.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of this year's Holy Ghost Congress at the Redemption Camp, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, said God has begun a process of re-building the country, adding that God has lofty plans for the nation that it was sin that distorted God's plan for Nigeria.

The programme began on Monday with the theme: "Signs and Wonders."

In his words: "God is not only a builder but an architect, He has good plans for Nigeria, but somewhere along the line sin tampered with these plans. Sin came in, the plan was distorted, but God being God in His infinite wisdom has decided to restore and rebuild the nation".

In his first sermon tagged "Signs and Wonders of New Creature," the cleric is of the opinion that the original plan of God for the country was that of multiplication, fruitful-ness, prosperity and be in control, then "signs and wonders" would follow."

It doesn't matter how terrible your past records has been the moment you give your life to Jesus Christ, your old records are wiped off and you are given a new one 1 john 1 v 7

The moment you become a new creature the original plan of God for your life begins to unfold.

You will have dominion; you are no longer some-one who runs from demons.

Your minds set will change. Your ambition will change, it will be altered Collosians 3:3.

Purity becomes very, very attractive to you.

You begin to pursue perfection

Giving the first talk en-titled; "Wonders of Praise" during the welcome service, the President and Founder of The Sword of the Spirit, Bishop Wale Oke said the best way to start the congress was by praising the Lord.

Highlighting some of the wonders of praise, the bishop said praise can usher one into a season of fruitfulness, increase, blessing of God, weapons of healing amongst others.

During the welcome service, delegates from US,Venezuela and Europe appreciated the leadership of RCCG for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and impact-ing this generation.

Some worshippers testified to the goodness of God that manifested in the past congresses.

Notable Miracle: On Sunday, at the Redemption Camp, while GO was reviewing the music pre-sentation with the Choir, he prayed and a lame man touched where he was standing and he received his healing immediately.

Below is a view of yesterday's Programme of the event


4.00pm-- 4.15pm Praise, Worship& Prayers

4.15pm--4.30pm Offering

4.30pm--5.30pm Talks & Discussions

a. Marriage: Made in Heaven

b. Innovations in Management

c. Parenting in the Internet Age II

d. Special Talk: (ministers only)


6.00pm--7.00pm Prayer & Intercession

7.00pm--8.00pm Praise, Worship & Choir

8.00pm --8.15pm Greetings & announcements

8.15pm--8.35pm Special Prayers One- "Prayers for the Education Sector"

8.35pm--9.10pm Talk One - "Wonders of Divine Deliverance"

9.10pm--9.30pm Special Prayers Two -"The Singles, Widows & the Apparent Barren"

9.30pm--10.00pm Greetings

10.00pm--10.30pm Offering

10.30pm-- 10.50pm Choir Ministration

10.50pm-- 12.30am Talk Two- "Wonders of Reversing the Irreversible"


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