8 Strategies to Break Compulsive Spending - Dr. Linda Mintle

If you need help with compulsive spending, try applying these strategies to help break the cycle:

Be Honest. Admit you have a problem.

Ditch the card. Get rid of your credit cards and pay with cash or check only. Hide one card for emergency uses only. You may want a spouse or trusted friend to keep this card.

Lists. Make a list and only buy what is on the list. No exceptions.

Avoid deals. Avoid sales and discount places that give “a deal”

Watch out for the Tv and Internet. Avoid shopping channels on TV and catalogue and Internet orders.

Substitute. Substitute another behavior for the urge to shop, e.g., walk, read, meditate or pray.

Accountability. Call someone for accountability when you have the urge to shop.

The Root. Most important-get to the root of the problem. Buying things will never fill that empty space inside. Only a deeper and more intimate relationship with God will ever satisfy your cravings. His self-control comes as a result of receiving and giving His love and will help you overcome urges to act out of control. Finally, instead of covering those negative feelings with temporary solutions, ask God to help you confront your areas of hurt and wounding. What is the root, the lie that keeps you bound? Jesus said, “I am the truth and the truth will set you free.” Allow His truth and His love to fill your heart and mind. God wants you free of anything that controls you and keeps you in bondage. You will continue to fail in your power if you don’t ask God to help you. As you press into a deeper relationship with God and learn to lean on Him, you’ll lose that compulsion that seems to drive you.

Dr. Linda Mintle. Read her Beliefnet blog "Doing Life Together," where she discusses love, marriage, faith, and family.

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