Seven Reasons Why Confession Works - Pastor Poju Oyemade

For the past three weeks, my pastor has speaking on a series "The Law of Confession". Yesterday was the concluding part of the message. Just want to share this with you, I hope you experience a change in your life as I have.

Confession is a declaration of the truth that you have embraced within your life. It is making a continuous affirmation of what you believe. Confessions don't work because you say it publicly in the ears of others. The words you speak is for yourself and not for others.

Seven Things You Need To Understand on why Confession Works

1. It is the way in which you sow the seed of God's word into your heart. The spoken word is a means by which you plant your seed. The way you get words into your mind is by saying it.

2. Confessions of God's word causes faith to come to you. As you confess God's word it causes the substance of God's word to enter inside of you.

3. It works because you renew your mind. Confession helps you check your fears.

4. It works because it keeps the answer before your eyes. Words Paint pictures. What you continuously say you will see. You start seeing what you confess.

5. It works because it sets the laws of faith into motion

6. It sets your angels to work for you. When you voice out your confessions, your angels start working on the outside for you.

7. It works because you practiced the other six points! 

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