October 1 2012 presents The platform 10.1 and 10.2 powered by Covenant Christian Centre

After a resounding success of The Platform 10.0 - Cultural Innovation that took place on the 1st of May this year, Covenant Christian Centre is prepared to offer a stimulating, captivating, double - impact programme aptly titled The Platform 10.1 and 10.2 on the 1st of October 2012.

For the newbies, "The Platform" is a Non-Profit initiative of Covenant Christian Centre. It is geared primarily to improving the individuals of Nigeria and the world. The Platform holds twice every year - May 1 (Workers Day) and October 1 (Nigeria's Independence Day).

The October 1 edition is a combined programme which brings together 12 global speakers at two venues - The Harbour Point, Victoria Island and The Haven, Ikeja, both in Lagos, Nigeria.

The theme of "The Platform 10.1" session is "Pragmatic steps to moving Nigeria forward- How Understanding & Building the Right Institutions is Driving the Growth of Nations". The speakers are Anne-Marie SlaughterProf. Yemi OsinbajoMrs Oluremi OyoProf. Anil GuptaOlusegun Adeniyi and Khanna Parag.

Hear Poju Oyemade on his thoughts about "The Platform 10.1"

Today we stand at a very critical place in the history of our country Nigeria. For the first time one can feel among the thinking and educated class of Nigeria a certain level of discontent with the way things are. Some ask, with all the bloodletting and corruption seemingly rampant in every strata of society, “is the project called Nigeria viable or worth it”?

Yet outside that environment hearing the thoughts and the voice from certain centers of power on the global level it is clear that the geographical space is loaded with potential. It is recognized as a powerhouse with possibilities and potentials crippled only by the fangs of corruption. 
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The theme of "The Platform 10.2" session is "Understanding the New Global Economy: How the internet, Social Media & Technology is Driving Business & Entrepreneurship". The speakers are Moses KemibaroMagatte WadeChika NwobiLawrence WatkinsStephen Newton and Francis Ebuehi.

On "The Platform 10.2", Poju bears his mind below:

The thoughts that express the essence of Platform 10.2 are best captured in an article I read sometime back written by Thomas Freidman of the New York Times. In it, he touched on the new rules that define labour. He spoke about the fact that as an older guy his perception of labour had to be adjusted.

He referred to an Ex-Global leader who once said “If you work hard and play by the rules” you should expect that the system will deliver you a decent life and a chance for your children to have a better one. That mantra really resonates with me and, I am sure, with many others. There is just one problem: Its out of date. Read full article

At this event, Poju Oyemade intends to flag off a new educational and empowerment scheme named "The Platform's Internship Programme". In his words,  "We intend to broaden the gateways of access to productive practices in the right environment. To this end, we intend to create a platform for young Nigerians to do some form of internship with organizations that could add value to their lives. Organizations in countries like Nigeria, India, China, Brazil and South Africa in areas of I.T, Agriculture, Medicine etc." Further details will be revealed on the launch day.

As with the previous programmes, registration is compulsory but admission is free. Registration starts on the 16th of September 2012.

For more details, please click here. The official twitter hashtag is #ThePlatform10.

See you there.

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