3 persons killed as Suicide bomber drives into church packed with explosives

The church in Jos after the attack
In the early hours of this morning, a suicide bomber drove an explosives packed car into a church in the volatile central city of Jos, Nigeria, on Sunday and killed three people while injuring 10 more.

Eye witnesses say the car forced its way through the gate during an early morning service.

“We were in the church during the time of worship and a suicide bomber forced himself into through the gate, into the church and the bomb exploded,” John Haruna, the reverend of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN)

Later in the day, The Islamist sect Boko Haram claimed responsibility and warned of more such assaults.

“We carried out the attack on COCIN church in Jos today and we did what we did as part of our resolve to avenge the killings and dehumanisation of Muslims in Jos in the last 10 years,” spokesman Abul Qaqa told reporters in a conference call.

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