The Platform 9.0 - Enterprise and Governance (The Bull and The Ballot Box) - October 1, 2011

It will be October 1 very soon and we will be celebrating Independence Day. It will also an occasion for another Platform event organised by Covenant Christian Centre. This event is titled "Platform 9.0 Enterprise and Governance.

According to Pastor Poju Oyemade (Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Centre) in his prologue in this year's event brochure;
"The New order in the world is gradually giving birth to an era of value oriented individuals. When we speak of value oriented intellectuals, we mean those who seek to use their intellectual prowess to establish certain values in our society. They have used their intelligence to succeed to a high degree in the world of commerce and in their careers but somewhere deep on the inside, they aren't fulfilled with all the material things that surround them. They seek to break out of the trap of materialism and aspire to the greater values such as Social justice, creation of opportunities for the less privileged and other virtues that their moral conscience dictates. In this, they have found a greater task.
The solutions to such social problems require a deeper level of thought than that which is required in acquiring personal wealth through trade. It is this clarion call in the souls of men we try to answer in this edition of The Platform 9.0."

Speakers of this event include the following:
1. Luis Araujo - He is currently the CEO of the Cartagena Tourism Board, a public-private Non-profit corporation focussed on further developing the most important business cluster in the city, which provides almost 30% of the jobs in Cartagena. He will be presenting the emotional story of his own country in: "Colombia, the turnover of a country".
2. Ibukun Awosika (Mrs). - She is the founder and CEO of the Chair Centre, Sokoa Chair Centre Limited and TCC Security Systems. She has founded and supports many non-profit institutions. She will be speaking on "Principles for building a successful enterprise in an emerging market".
3. Obinnia Abajue - He is presently the Head, Personal and Business Banking for Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc. Until recently, he was the acting CEO of Stanbic IBTC Pensions Managers Limited, Nigeria's largest Pension Fund Administrator. He will be speaking on the topic "Competing in a difficult environment"
4. Leke Alder -  He is the founder and Principal of Alder Consulting, an ideas and branding corporation with offices in Lagos and London. He will be making a presentation titled "Keep Standing".
5. Yemi Osinbajo -  Professor Yemi Osinbajo became the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Lagos state in 1999. He has also served as the Speacial Adviser to the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice (1988 - 1991). He will be expounding on a subject titled. "The value system upon which successful enterprises are built".
6. Anand Giridharadas - He is a columnist for the New York Times and its global edition, the International Herald Tribune. Anand will be taking The Platform participants through an Insightful journey into "How India  turned around: An Insider Outsider account"
7. Tonye Cole - As an Executive Director of The Sahara Group, Tonye Cole is responsible for the new ventures and business development as well as enforcing corporate ethics and compliance. He will be sharing on an exceptional piece titled "I am a Nigerian created for impact".

There will be a special session with Anne-Marie Slaughter. Anne-Marie is the Bert G. Kersetter '66 University Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University. From 2009 to 2011, she served as Director of Policy Planning for the United States Department of State, the first woman to hold that position. She will be speaking on one of renowned keynote topics: "What your business needs to know globally or regionally". Anand Giridharadas will also be speaking on "The Five Forces Remaking Our World and Your Business"

This event will be live on Television, on the Internet and a yet-to-be disclosed location. registration commences on the 18th of September 2011.

Don't miss this event.

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