Isbae U gets dragged over jokes on Yinka Ayefele

A skit maker, Adebayo Abidemi, popularly known as Isbae U, has gotten several criticisms from his fans and colleagues after he shared the interview he had with veteran gospel singer, Yinka Ayefele.

The singer, who lost the usage of his legs after he had an accident many years ago, was asked questions that centred on his disability. Isbae U asked him why he sang a song about stepping on something when he couldn’t use his legs, among other questions.

He also asked him how he got his wife pregnant when he was paralyzed. At the end of the interview, he gave Ayefele a skipping rope. It ruffled some people who noted that it was an insult to the singer, considering that he couldn’t use it due to the state of his legs.

However, some people considered it as dark humour, adding that Ayefele would have had an idea of the questions Isbae U wanted to ask. Regardless, others felt the skit maker went too far with his jokes till they became distasteful and insensitive.

See some of the reactions to the interview from the skit maker’s Instagram page below:

@moremiqueenofsheba said: “I don’t find this funny at all. It is rather insensitive to be honest. How do folks living with disabilities feel about this? Let’s be mindful of what we post all in the name of creating content.”

@symply_tacha: “Who be this na? Bayuuu needs to be stopped.”

@officialbabafocus: “Nice sarcasm but the attacks on the legs though, wasn't it much? Curiosity made me ask? It was funny at the beginning but no longer funny. Everything has a limit.”

@olamide_richwayz07: “Ajeh, the man don understand life and he’s greatly happy with his wheelchair.”

@rashlyh: “I got emotional the moment he said I have faith I’m gonna walk one day. His faith is top notch. He said I believe one day I’m going to stand up.”

@nathysavageg4: “Y’all think it's funny till the table turns.”

@this_user_is_justababy: “This is disturbing. This is too personal. If you find this funny, then something is wrong with you,”

@officialzionyetundeare: “Dark humor, haba... Be more creative than this nau. Script or no script, even after watching the whole video on YouTube, I found it not funny.”

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