Hallelujah Challenge set for 7th anniversary, participants recall programme’s impact

A popular midnight praise and prayer programme, Hallelujah Challenge, was convened by gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey in June 2017. It will be marking its seventh anniversary this year.

Though he said it won’t be holding in June but October, he asked his followers to mention the impact the programme has had in their lives. He added that the Hallelujah Challenge documentary will be released on June 1st.

He posted the anniversary flier on social media and captioned it, “June 2017 something new hit the earth. June 2024 will make it 7 years! It was unusual. God helped us. Mention one impact Hallelujah Challenge has had on your life. And come June 1st, the Hallelujah Challenge documentary will be released. Please note: it is not holding in June but October.”

Fans share the impact of the programme
Several fans of the gospel singer have shared their experiences on the online programme. See some of them below:
@yugyfoods_mart said: “I remember the first edition like yesterday. I prayed to God to open my eyes to know if the guy that was disturbing me for marriage was genuinely serious and not out to waste my time, this prayer was number 1 in my prayer request and I prayed about it every day.

"Immediately after the last day of hallelujah challenge in 2017, the guy suddenly stopped talking to me or calling me. Before the next hallelujah challenge in 2018, my husband came from nowhere and we got married in less than 4 months of meeting. We are 6 years together this year.”
@sunmboadeoye: "I remember the first edition. It was at a critical point in my life. I was going through a miscarriage in America where I went to deliver our child after years of waiting. I danced and praise God like my life depended on it after the ultrasound came out with no heart beat. Although I lost that pregnancy, the following year, July 7 2018, God blessed us with a bouncing baby boy and 22 months later with another, a baby girl. His promises are Yes and Amen! Thank you for Hallelujah Challenge."

@joyful_joiy: "February 2024 hallelujah challenge, I prayed to God for a senior role in the NHS, did my interview that same Feb and I’m now living in my hallelujah prayer. It still feels unreal."

@inezodei44: "God used the hallelujah challenge to give me beautiful and healthy triplets."

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