Frank Edwards shares experience with police officer

Gospel singer Frank Edwards got his fans laughing as he shared his experience with a police officer and another car owner on the road.

In a post on Facebook, the singer said he was driving and playing his latest song Agidigba when he stopped at a check point. As the police officer was hailing the track, the driver behind told the police officer that he was with Frank. 

When the police officer wanted to confirm if the guy behind was with Frank, the singer denied him. This made his followers to laugh.

Frank wrote: “I was driving yesterday blasting my new single Agidigba! I got to a police checkpoint and slowed down. The officer said 'Ah our man! Oga na new one be this ohh', I said yes ohh! Then the car behind me shouted to the officer, 'officer na all of us gather dey ohh!

"I said 'you and who gather dey?' Officer said is he with you, I said no ohh! Ha! Na so them Dey put person for trouble.”

His Facebook followers shared their thoughts on his post. See some of them below:

Uc Amogu: "If it's me, I'd do same. You and who follow? Every man for himself, biko."

Aforin Aliyu: "As a sharp guy na, no dulling."

Emmanuel Titus: "He wan use your glory take shine."

Precious Imwonghomwen: "That was a smart move sir. You never can tell what he has with him."

Nsibiat John: You’re big man of God. Sometimes you buy person wahala take. Say yes, na cup of grace him deh find. He is not asking for too much."

Stacy Aye Magnus: "The guy think say e wise not knowing that u dey sharp 

Ehue Lawrence: "Imagine you said "yes", then they by chance searched his car and found cocaine, a dead new born baby or human head meant for rituals, na so u for just enter gbege."

Stacy Aye Magnus: "The guy think say e wise not knowing that u dey sharp."

Blessing Gabriel: "You no go gree for anybody this year."

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